Announcing the Center’s Speak Up for Better Health Award

The Center is pleased to announce the Speak Up for Better Health Award. This new prize recognizes exceptional people raising their voices and working to improve their health and the health of their communities. Our goal is to find and amplify stories of people whose lives and actions demonstrate the power that each of us has to make better health possible for all of us.

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Our Work

The Center provides resources and expertise to ensure that patients and families, particularly the most vulnerable, have a voice at all levels of the health care delivery system — from individual care to health system design to state and national policy.

What's New

Consumer Stories

The needs and experiences of health care consumers — particularly people in marginalized or low-income communities or with complex needs and significant disabilities — are the driving force of the Center’s work. Documenting and amplifying patients’ real-life health care situations, in their own words, is central to our ability to create a health care system that works for all of us. Click below for stories from some of the consumers we work with.

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