Jessica Curtis

Senior Advisor

Jessica Curtis leads the Center’s work on hospital community benefit, with a growing focus on advancing health care policies and advocacy strategies that address the social and economic determinants of health. Jessica has led and supported advocacy initiatives at all levels of government on hospital billing and collections and community benefit. She has deep expertise in working with community organizations, health care institutions, and policymakers to analyze, monitor, and ensure implementation of equitable policies that benefit local residents.  In addition to her policy and advocacy work, Jessica is a skilled facilitator and a core member of the Center’s consulting team. She has a passion for deepening health care institutions’ commitment and capacity to community engagement, and for supporting community residents and organizations seeking to build public health and health care investment in local priorities.

During her tenure at Community Catalyst, Jessica has served as senior advisor and project director for the Hospital Accountability Project, and as policy analyst and staff attorney for Community Catalyst's Integrated Care Advocacy and Special Needs Plan Consumer Education Projects. Prior to joining the organization, she provided legal advice and services to low-income elders at Boston College's Legal Assistance Bureau. She holds degrees from the University of Saint Joseph (Connecticut) and Boston College Law School.