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Building a Multi-Disciplinary Engagement Team

The successful implementation and operation of an engagement strategy requires a hands-on team to coordinate engagement activities and manage the feedback provided by consumers. The size of this team will vary based on organizational factors and the strategies selected. It should consist of several people who are dedicated full time to the effort, or a primary lead working with people sharing time between this effort and their existing role. The purpose of the engagement team differs from that of the planning workgroup because it is a permanent team that breathes life into the engagement strategy. That said, there might be some crossover membership between these two bodies.

Key steps in building a multi-disciplinary team

Self-Assessment Questions

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 indicating “strongly disagree” and 5 indicating “strongly agree”), rate your organization’s performance on the following questions:

  • The “point person” for our engagement team “has the ear” of leadership.
  • Our team includes staff members from across the organization.
  • Consumers and/or family members make up at least 25 percent of the engagement team membership and are representative of the diverse community our organization serves.
  • Each engagement team member takes responsibility for communicating the activities and needs identified by the Engagement Team back to their department or community.


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