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Recruiting Advisors

No matter the engagement strategies your organization selects, recruitment of patients, family members and/or community members will be an ongoing process. There is no single approach to recruitment; if you want to engage consumers that represent the full range of people your organization serves, you will need to employ a wide variety of recruitment approaches since people receive information in different ways. Recruitment approaches should also be tailored to the types of engagement approaches your organization has selected.

Key recruitment approaches for Communication and Consultation-based strategies

Key recruitment approaches for Collaboration and Co-ownership-based strategies

Be especially mindful to reach out to organizations that are led by and serve people who directly bear the burdens of social factors such as poverty, racism and cultural insensitivity.

Review consumer complaints. Oftentimes, those consumers or family members who take the time to submit a complaint are the very people who would make good advisors. Work with the ombudsman or quality assurance staff to review complaints in order to identify candidates. Note: inviting these consumers also helps to convey your organization’s commitment to self-reflection and improvement.

Self-Assessment Questions

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 indicating “strongly disagree” and 5 indicating “strongly agree”), rate your organization's performance on the following questions:

  • My organization employs a wide variety of approaches – including both those that are “low-tech” and those that are “high-tech” – for recruiting consumer advisors.
  • To identify potential advisors, we conduct outreach to external community-based organizations, including those that are led by and serve people who directly bear the burdens of social factors such as poverty, racism and cultural insensitivity.
  • Our approach to recruitment is tailored to reach each of the communities (racial, ethnic, age, disability, geography, etc.) our organization serves.
  • Recruiting advisors is an ongoing process at our organization.
  • We do not shy away from recruiting advisors who had negative experiences with our organization.


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