Person-Centered Engagement at the Organizational Level Change Package
Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation Health Care Transformation Task Force
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About this Project

Person-centered, value-driven health care delivery includes patients and families as equal partners in all aspects of decision-making about their health care. In practice, however, health care delivery often falls short of achieving this goal. Yet health care systems are increasingly seeing the value in engaging patients not only in direct patient care, but to guide organizational decisions about that care in order to drive progress on improving patient health outcomes and stabilizing health costs. And while there is growing interest among health care organizations in taking meaningful steps to improve patient engagement, there is a knowledge gap and activation barrier to achieving this change and making sure the voice of the patient is incorporated at all levels of organizational decision-making.

The first stage of the project was to learn, with a high degree of specificity, about engagement structures from three organizations (Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Hudson River Health Care, and Trinity Health) that have made a commitment to engaging patients and families at the organizational and system levels. We not only examined these structures, but also what it takes for organizations to operate these structures and the impact of them both on the organizations and on the people and communities they serve. The resulting three case studies informed our thinking in the development of this change package.


Renée Markus Hodin, Julia Watson
Community Catalyst/Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation

Katie Green, Joshua Traylor, Clare Pierce-Wrobel, Megan Zook
Health Care Transformation Task Force


The authors would also like to thank the Advisory Committee members for their assistance in selecting the case study sites and for providing invaluable guidance and feedback on earlier drafts:

Similarly, we appreciate the wisdom and assistance from Erin McGaffigan, Collective Insight, LLC on an earlier draft of this Change Package.

Finally, the authors wish to thank the patient and family engagement teams at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, HRHCare and Trinity Health for their assistance with the case studies which informed the Change Package.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

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