Person-Centered Engagement at the Organizational Level Change Package
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Determining Resource Requirements

This section covers the types of resources required to implement and operate a consumer engagement strategy. The specific resource needs will vary depending on the types of engagement strategies selected and the overall scale of the program. All engagement strategies require some degree of organizational-level support, staff time and financial investment. The Collaboration and Co-ownership strategies will require materials such as charters and onboarding manuals. It is also advisable to budget for supports such as travel reimbursement, on-site childcare, and/or stipends for participating patients and caregivers. Finally, tokens of gratitude such as certificates of appreciation and awards to recognize special efforts are inexpensive, yet invaluable to sustaining active participation in engagement efforts.

Key resource requirement considerations include

Self-Assessment Questions

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 indicating “strongly disagree” and 5 indicating “strongly agree”), rate your organization’s performance on the following questions:

  • My organization has approved dedicated funding to support the implementation and operation of the engagement strategy.
  • We have developed a clear plan for adequately staffing the selected engagement strategies.
  • Our budget includes funding for the creation of materials and reservation of meeting space to support onboarding and operations.
  • We have created clear policies and reserved funds to support participation in engagement strategies (i.e. stipends, mileage/transportation reimbursement, child/elder care, interpreter services, etc.)
  • My organization actively works with patients to remove barriers to participation in engagement activities.
  • My organization believes celebrating wins and recognizing efforts are key to supporting change.


  1. Foundational Materials
  2. Participant Supports
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