Person-Centered Engagement at the Organizational Level Change Package
Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation Health Care Transformation Task Force
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Creating Scalable Engagement Policies

Organizational engagement policies should provide clear goals for scaling engagement strategies while allowing individual departments, service lines, or delivery sites the flexibility to adapt engagement approaches to their specific context.

Key actions for scaling engagement efforts

Self-Assessment Questions

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 indicating “strongly disagree” and 5 indicating “strongly agree”), rate your organization’s performance on the following questions:

  • My organization has clear expectations and measurable goals for the implementation of engagement strategies across the entire organization.
  • My organization encourages each service line/department/site to customize their approach to engagement to fit the needs of the patients they work with.
  • My organization actively supports the sharing of lessons learned and connects staff and patient form mature engagement efforts to those with less experience.
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