Meaningful Consumer Engagement

Our consulting practice has expertise at all three levels of consumer engagement – clinical, organizational and policy-focused – and we can customize our services to help you best achieve your engagement goals.

  • At the clinical, direct-care level (i.e., designing systems and training staff to deliver more person-centered care), research-backed benefits include higher patient/family satisfaction; better patient self-management and health indicators; greater efficiency; lower utilization of care; and even a lower cost per case.
  • At the organizational level (i.e., improving care systems and expanding care beyond the hospital), demonstrated benefits include progress on high-level goals in an organization’s strategic plan; more efficient use of planning/design resources; faster expansion of promising practices and correction of costly problems; better prevention of adverse events; higher employee retention rates; and even fewer malpractice claims.
  • At the policy level: Robust consumer engagement is best practice, both politically and legally, for government agencies and departments and helps them build and run smart, cost-effective public programs that compassionately serve the people who need them most. 

The Center can customize engagement strategies and structures that match your organizational goals, scale, resources and requirements. Using our Consumer Engagement Toolkit for Plans, Provider Groups, and Communities we provide you with a proven set of practical methods for engaging specific consumer and caregiver populations. Our consulting services can be delivered through one-on-one coaching, group consultation, in-person trainings and webinars.