Our Services

Our consulting practice has expertise at all three levels of consumer engagement – clinical, organizational and policy-focused – and we can customize our services to help you best achieve your engagement goals.


Assessments and Planning

The Center conducts assessments for the purpose of planning and quality improvement. 

Examples of recent assessments include the following:

  • Experiences of members serving on patient/family advisory councils
  • Consumer involvement in program design and evaluation
  • Community engagement capacity of coalition member organizations
  • Communication and feedback mechanisms for patients and family caregivers
  • Collaborative experiences of health and housing stakeholders in addressing social determinants of health

The Center utilizes information gathered through assessments and surveys to promote changes in programs and policy to better serve those with complex social and medical needs.


Consumer and Community Engagement

The Center provides customized assistance to clients to help them establish structures and build skills to support the meaningful engagement of patients, family caregivers and/or community residents.

Examples of recent assistance the Center has provided to clients has focused on the following:

  • Technical assistance on recruiting and working with consumer advisory committees, sustaining participation, and maximizing their effectiveness.
  • Successful structures and strategies for patient/family engagement
  • Building collaborative relationships with community-based organizations
  • Integrating evidence-based, self-management programs into care plans for patients with chronic conditions


The Center conducts informational webinars and trainings that support consumer engagement and health system transformation efforts.

Examples of recent sessions include:

  • Providing geriatric-competent care
  • Being an effective member of a consumer advisory board
  • Strategies for meaningful consumer engagement
  • Improving health through addressing social determinants of health

Policy Analysis and Reports

The Center provides customized policy analysis and reports to inform our clients’ consumer engagement and health system transformation efforts.  The Center draws on the expertise of the Community Catalyst team to examine federal and state policy and its effect on client programs or members.

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to communicating with you about how we can help your organization achieve its goals.