Under the MACRA-Scope: Why Should Consumers Care?

In the next few weeks, we expect the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to release a proposed rule detailing their proposal for how physicians will be paid under the Medicare program.

A Treasure Trove of Data: The Starting Point for Addressing Health Disparities

The second in our National Minority Health Month blog series. In late March, the CMS Office of Minority Health released the Mapping Medicare Disparities (MMD) tool, an interactive map that displays differences in chronic disease prevalence and outcomes among Medicare...

Community Catalyst Looks Inward and Outward in Observance of Minority Health Month

April is National Minority Health Month, organized under the auspices of the Office of Minority Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is the first in a four-week series of blogs related to issues of health equity.

Behavioral/Physical Health Integration: Twin Cities Flashback

This week’s release by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) of its Report to Congress highlighted the critical importance of Medicaid in the lives of so many low-income Americans. While the report focuses on Medicaid payments to...

It’s Time for a Copernican Revolution in Health Care

This is the last in a series of blogs discussing the policy priorities of the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation. Previous blogs have discussed health equity, population health, consumer protection, payment models and person-centered care models. At the...

Why Strengthening America’s Social Structures Is Essential for Health

This post in our Health System Transformation series is an update of the Jan. 26, 2016 blog post titled, “How America’s Social Structures Affect Our Health.”  This updated post adds some key policy prescriptions that are central to the vision...

Using Big Data to Improve Care for Older Adults

This guest blog by Marcus Escobedo, Senior Program Officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation, was originally published February 18 in the foundation’s Health AGEnda blog.

Consumer Protections: More than Appeals and Grievances

This is the next post in an inaugural blog series outlining the policy priorities of the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, taking a dive into the areas that must be addressed to achieve better care, better value and better health.

Can I Get an Amen? Successful Collaborations between Hospitals and Faith/Community-Based Organizations

There is increasing acknowledgement nationwide that the social and economic conditions in which people live play an enormous role in health. Clinicians and hospitals cannot make their patients healthier by solely focusing on what happens inside the clinic walls. Rather,...