Why Strengthening America’s Social Structures Is Essential for Health

This post in our Health System Transformation series is an update of the Jan. 26, 2016 blog post titled, “How America’s Social Structures Affect Our Health.”  This updated post adds some key policy prescriptions that are central to the vision...

Using Big Data to Improve Care for Older Adults

This guest blog by Marcus Escobedo, Senior Program Officer at The John A. Hartford Foundation, was originally published February 18 in the foundation’s Health AGEnda blog.

Consumer Protections: More than Appeals and Grievances

This is the next post in an inaugural blog series outlining the policy priorities of the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, taking a dive into the areas that must be addressed to achieve better care, better value and better health.

Can I Get an Amen? Successful Collaborations between Hospitals and Faith/Community-Based Organizations

There is increasing acknowledgement nationwide that the social and economic conditions in which people live play an enormous role in health. Clinicians and hospitals cannot make their patients healthier by solely focusing on what happens inside the clinic walls. Rather,...

Eldercare Voices: Building Platforms for America’s Family Caregivers

Victoria Walker, MD The Family Caregiver Platform Project is a non-partisan group focused on including caregiving issues in state party political platforms across the country. We encourage grassroots efforts to educate and motivate policymakers to improve state and federal support...

What Does it Take to Create a Person-Centered Culture of Care?

As we continue the conversation on what Community Catalyst believes are the key areas advocates should focus in health system transformation, up next on our list is: creating a person-centered culture of care. The health system can be a challenge for anyone...

The Takeaway 2016 New Year’s Edition

Why Is This News? 2016 opened with yet another vote by the Republican controlled Congress to repeal the ACA coupled with more muttering about a replace agenda — we really really mean it this time. Maybe by the time we are...

Let’s Make the “C” in ACO Stand for Consumers and Community!

Consumer advocates across the country are increasingly developing expertise in payment reform and new models for health care delivery.

Children in Foster Care Need More Holistic Health Care

Over the last few years, states have witnessed widespread failings within agencies charged with overseeing the well-being of children in foster care.